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Which Brand? is a hierarchical directory and each Industry leads to an Industry Category then Product Category thus:

Industry > Industry Category > Product Category > Brand Name > Web-Site of Product > Web-Site of Model

Search for Brand Names in a Product Category.
Just enter on the product search box the specific product category you would like to compare the brands in, such as 'Tennis Racquets', and you will see all the brand names displayed. Click on the selected brand name, and you will go to the Tennis Racquet sub-section of the Web-Site of that brand name. This saves you time and frustration fighting your way through a large web-site, such as Wilson Sporting Goods, who make golf balls, golf clubs, running shoes and a hundred other products of sports equipment. It may take you ages to find the Tennis Racquet section even in a well designed website.

Search for a Brand Name or Model.
Enter the brand name in the (lower) Brand Name Search Box and you will go directly to the website of that brand. However there are often several similar brand names in different industries. Which Brand ? will display all the products of that brand name under their specific industries or categories. In order to avoid a multiple matches result, in the two "search together" boxes enter the brand name in the first box and the related product category or industry in the Product Category Box, click search together, and you will be instantly to the link to the Web-Site you are seeking. The more specific the product category, the more accurate the search result will be.

Hierarchy Search
Enter any Industry Category, for example Sporting Goods, and all the sporting goods categories will be displayed, such as Archery, Billiards, Golf, Skiing, Pole-vaulting, Tennis etc. Click on Tennis and you will see all the categories of tennis, such as Bags, Balls, Nets, Racquets, Strings etc. Click on Racquets and the brand names of tennis racquets will be displayed. Click on the selected brand name, and you will go to the Tennis Racquet sub-sction of the website of that brand name.

Search Path
You will note that the search path on each page leads, from left to right, upwards through the hierarchy, contrary to the direction used by other search engines. This method is more natural and user-friendly.

Navigating and Getting out of Websites
It is hard enough to find your way around a poorly designed web-site. But trying to get out of a large site can be just as difficult and very frustrating. To leave any website, just click on the small WhichBrand.com panel at the bottom of each web page visited and you will return instantly to the Home Page for a new search.

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