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Ascot's at The Royal Palms. Tel. 295-9644    contact   
Bacci at Fairmont Southampton. Tel. 238 2555    contact   
Barracuda Grill. Tel. 292-1609   
Beau Rivage at Newstead. Tel. 232 8686    contact   
The Bermudiana at Pink Beach Club.Tel 293 1666    contact   
Bistro J. Tel. 296-8546    contact   
Black Horse Tavern. Tel. 297 1991   
Blu at Belmont Hills   
Cafe Cairo. Tel. 238. 1831   
Café Gio. Tel. 297-1307 (Formerly " San Giorgio")   
Café Boulevard - Bermuda Airport   
Café Lido at Elbow Beach. Tel. 236-9884   
Carriage House. Tel. 297-1270   
Chopsticks. Tel. 292-0791    contact   
Coco Reef Resort. Tel. 236 5416    contact   
Coconuts at The Reefs Tel. 238-0222   
Docksider. Tel. 296 3333    contact   
East Meets West. Tel. 295-8580   
Flanagans Irish Pub. Tel. 295-8299   
Fourways Inn. Tel. 236-6517   
Freddies Pub on the Square - St. Georges. Tel. 297 1717   
Freeport Seafood Restaurant. Tel. 234 1692   
Fresco's. Tel. 295-5058   
Frog & Onion Pub. Tel. 234-2900    contact   
Grill 56 at The Reefs. Tel. 238 0222   
H.P.'s Coffee Shop at Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Tel. 295 3000   
Harbourfront. Tel. 295-4207   
Harley's at Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Tel. 295 3000   
Henry VIII Tel. 238-1977   
Heritage Court at Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Tel. 298-6021   
Hi Tide at 9 Beaches.Tel. 232 6655    contact   
Hibiscus at Grotto Bay. Tel.293 8333    contact   
Hog Penny Tel. 292-2534   
House of India Tel. 295-6450   
House of India. Tel. 295 6450   
Il Palio. Tel 234-1049   
Jasmine Lounge at The Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Tel. 238 8000    contact   
Juanito's at Coco Reef. Tel. 236 5416    contact   
L'Oriental. Tel. 296-4477   
La Trattoria. Tel. 295-1877   
Land Fall at Clearview. 293 1322   
Little Venice. Tel. 295-3503   
Lobster Pot Tel. 292-6898   
Locals. Tel. 295-1752   
M.R. Onions. Tel. 292-5012   
Mediterraneo. Tel. 296 9047   
Mickey's - on the Beach at Elbow . Tel. 236-9107   
Monte Carlo Tel. 295-5453   
Newport Room at Fairmont Southampton. Tel. 238-8000    contact   
North Rock Brewing Co. Tel.236 6633   
The Ocean Terrace at Pink Beach Club.Tel 293 1666    contact   
Palms at Surf Side. Tel. 236-7100    contact   
Pickled Onion. Tel. 295-2263   
The Porch. CLOSED January 2005   
Port O' Call. Tel. 295-5373    contact   
Portofino Tel. 292-2375   
Primavera. Tel. 295-2167    contact   
Red Carpet. Tel. 292-6195   
Rib Room at Fairmont Southampton. Tel. 238-8000    contact   
Dark 'n Stormy's Beach Bar at 9 Beaches.Tel.232 6655    contact   
Robin Hood. Tel. 295-3314   
Rosa's Cantina. Tel. 295-1912   
Rustico. Tel. 295 5212    contact   
Sapori - at Grape Bay Beach Hotel. 236 7201    contact   
Sea Breeze Café at Elbow Beach. Tel. 232-3999   
Seahorse Grill at Elbow Beach. Tel. 236-3535     
Somerset Country Squire. Tel. 234-0105   
Splendido at Horizons. Tel. 236 0048   
Surf & Turf. Tel. 296 6718   
Swizzle Inn. Tel. 293-1854   
Tamarisk at Cambridge Beaches. Tel. 234 0331   
Tavern by the Sea. Tel.297.3305   
Tio Pepe. Tel. 238-1897   
Tom Moore's Tavern. Tel. 293-8020   
Trattoria. Tel. 295 1877   
Tuscany. Tel. 292-4507   
Waterloo House. Tel. 295 4480   
Waterlot Inn, Tel. 238-8000    contact   
Whaler Inn at Fairmont Southampton. Tel. 238-8000    contact   
White Horse Tavern. Tel. 297-1838   
Wickets Brasserie at Fairmont Southampton. Tel 238 8000   
Windows On The Sound at Fairmont Southampton. Tel. 238-8000    contact   

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