To Brand Owners,

Thank you for your interest in being listed in Which Brand.com and having your Web-Sites linked.

The Which Brand.com Global Brand Directory is used extensively by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, all potential buyers of your branded products. It is the "definitive" Directory for those who wish to visit Brand Owners Web-sites — "The Brand-Owners Bible".

You have spent thousands or even millions to build your Web-Site. But too few potential buyers of your products can find it, even if they know the brand name they are looking for. And, if they are searching for products that you make or market under your brand name, they cannot easily ind a proper list of such branded products in the other search engines.

It is structured as a hierarchical relational database search engine directory. But, unlike a link in other search engines, once listed, your brand will ALWAYS appear on PAGE ONE under each product category. Your brand name will never be "bumped" from Page One. You need no longer play clever SEO games with the search engine editors to try and get your web-site to appear on page one. Your Brand's listing will always come up on PAGE ONE. And no scrolling down is needed.

Which Brand.com is linked from dozens of search engines, including the majors such as Yahoo, Google, Bing and the Meta-Search Engines.

Most brand-owners market products in a number of different product categories. We offer substantial discounts for brands who wish listings under multiple Product Categories.

In addition to listing, you may wish to consider a pay-per-click arrangement.

Please contact us re advertising your brand or brands on selected industry-related pages.


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